Inspiration, Style, Passion.



My name is Louise and I am proud to think of myself as an honorary adopted Kentish lady; I absolutely love it here in Maidstone after spending the first 30 years on my life in the north.
 I started training as a hairdresser in 1987 at Midaswell Hairdressing College (now Saks & Midaswell Training) in Middlesbrough and since then have loved being a Stylist, Senior Stylist, Salon Manager and Artistic Director in Middlesbrough, Whitby, Newcastle and Maidstone.

I have a passion for creative hairdressing, am a State Registered Senior Hairdresser and nothing gives me more pleasure than spending time listening to what your requirements are to establish exactly what you want your hair to say about you. I then love using my creativity to deliver your aspiration. I hope you’ll have noticed that I use the strapline of Inspiration, Style and Passion and that’s exactly what I believe I can offer you.

Making the best of your hair is about developing trust with a skilled professional, someone who understands you and invested in a long term relationship – I have worked in very busy salons and they just cannot afford to offer that – it’s just not realistic for them, which is why they employ low cost juniors or apprentices and operate like a factory production line.

But that is right at the foundation of my business model and why I built a professional salon, that has all the facilities of a larger business at home – I have parking right outside, offer online booking so you’re not restricted to calling when I’m open and only one client is ever booked in at a time. The emphasis is on unhurried personal service – it’s me that does your consultation, it’s me that shampoos, colours, cuts, styles and dries your hair.


I have almost 30 years’ experience but my passion isn’t being a Salon Manager, it’s spending time with you to create exactly what you want from your hair; if you aren’t delighted with what I do, then nor am I. If you do me the honour of choosing Berkeley Hair, it will be me that does your consultation, me that washes your hair and me that colours, cuts, styles and blow dries your hair – I don’t employ low-cost juniors and you are assured of my personal attention at all times.

As I said at the top of this page, I love Maidstone and I love Kent, but more than anything, I love it when clients give me the opportunity to make their hairdressing experience special and my commitment to you is that I will do everything I can to repay your faith and trust in me.